This created my personal headcanon that Steve is awkward as fuck with babies and holding one makes him ridiculously uncomfortable. it’s like, “It’s so tiny what do I do with it? Don’t crush it, don’t crush it, don’t crush. Oh God, it’s crying, what did I do? I must’ve done something. I broke it. My patriotism does nothing. Do I sing to it? Do I recite the Bill of Rights? I don’t even think I know the entire Bill of Rights. Wow, today is horrible.” 

either Steve is Chris or Chris is Steve because


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oh also (comicon anon) someone asked what villain they would like to play and the moderator was like "well the winter soldier is already a villain lol" and everyone started booing and Sebastian looked so offended omg and he said that bucky was not a super villain he was a "super victim" or something like that idk

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did he look like this?

because same